Grad Profile: helps commercial aviation companies better manage their operations

Posted by Emma Tzeng on 2012-09-11

Grad Profiles highlight the personal and professional stories of Founder Institute Graduates from across the globe.

This profile on, a Graduate of the Singapore Founder Institute, was written by Emma Tzeng. Founded in 2010 by Lee Johnson, wants to improve the flight operations industry by providing a software platform to seamlessly manage entire flight operations.

As common as air travel has become nowadays, many passengers never fully understand the intricacy and detail that goes into the flight operations process. As it stands today, the current processes in place involve mounds of paperwork and information scattered across different programs and computers.

Singapore-based startup wants to improve the aviation operations industry by providing a software platform to seamlessly manage entire flight operations. With, aviation staff can collaborate in a “unified operation ecosystem,” as described on the official website. By moving all modes of communication and information onto a single platform, enables all relevant data to be updated and shared in real-time.

Founded in 2010 by Lee Johnson, a former senior aviation manager, software engineer, and veteran helicopter pilot, Johnson knew the ins and outs of the industry, including areas that needed improvement. As a result, was conceived from a passion to improve the flight industry thus allowing aviation companies to operate more efficiently.

The SaaS software that offers make it possible for aviation companies to view and plan schedules, manage crew records, view all printed reports, and access a live overview across all operations such as flight hours, revenue, and sales forecasts. In addition, also offers a mobile device management service (MDM) to help manage staff members’ mobile devices. With the MDM service, users can enroll devices into a business environment, configure and update device settings over-the-air, enforce security policies and compliance, and remotely lock and wipe managed devices.

In a nutshell, may very well change the face of aviation by providing simpler, more efficient processes to manage flight operations. With the technological and industry know-how to back its product, onlookers can expect to witness some big strides made by this blooming startup.

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