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Growing up, it was pretty easy to find someone to come over to your house and play the latest SNES or N64 games. But today, video games rarely include support for split-screen multiplayer or cooperative games, and instead force you into online queues with random opponents. While that certainly has its place, the strongest gamers often join together to form clans, or team up with their friends online—however, there is a hodgepodge of tech currently used to organize this.  

Gamerjibe is a Chicago Founder Institute portfolio company looking to revolutionize the social gaming community by reinvigorating the tribe mentality of gamers. Led by Founder & CEO Joe Lee, Gamerjibe is a community platform for gamers to find other like-minded gamers to play with, for clans and teams to stay organized, and to find new gaming events and exclusive promotions. According to CEO Joe Lee,

It’s the next-generation social network for gamers that matches like-minded gamers, and helps them stay connected as friends on a fun and rapidly growing platform.

This year the global gaming market is set to hit $152 billion, up 9.6% from last year. Nearly half of that revenue comes from mobile gaming, and doesn’t even include some of the emerging spinoff revenue from the likes of streamers and major league gaming. Of this, $36.9 billion comes from U.S. mobile gaming alone, which is set to hit a new high score for the largest global revenue driver. One of the primary factors, beyond games being readily available on nearly any platform, is that the average gamer today is 34 years old—and with 70% of gamers now over the age of 18, this is a consumer segment with their own money to spend. CEO Joe Lee adds,

According to Statista, 29% of the world are gamers - more than 2.2 billion people around the world. That may seem like a lot already, but that percentage will go up even more. If we look at western countries like the U.S. for example, 66% of Americans are gamers, but over 90% of them are teenagers. Teenagers today communicate with others online daily. In 10 years, those teenagers will be grown up, not only driving the percentage of gamers up, but also positively impacting the gaming market as they have increased purchasing power and influence.

Gamerjibe is set to tap into this market by making it easier than ever for like-minded gamers to connect with one another. And to date, they already have more than 5000 gamers signed up on the platform, before its official public launch.

Prior to their full launch, Lee and the team have been hard at work releasing teaser products like Gamer Tags. These are custom badges that mirror some of the items you’d see in old school gamer forums, but with a sleek updated design. This also doubles as a great source of brand awareness, too. On a practical level, badges showcase the primary platform a gamer uses, and a few attributes about them.

Gamerjibe is the Spot for Social Gamers

Earlier this month, Gamerjibe officially launched its public beta—and with it, plans to bring elements of the most popular gaming community solutions out there into one unified platform. CEO Lee explains,

The ones that are still active and closest to that, in my honest opinion, are Discord and Reddit. Discord allows you to create communities around chat channels and bots, while Reddit lets you create communities around certain topics, e.g. /r/GamerPals. But, there hasn’t really been one [solution] that allows gamers to easily make new friends based on the games you play and your gaming tendencies. On top of that, being able to stay connected with your gaming buddies in an engaging way is important, but lacking in existing networks.

Gamerjibe is set to change how gamers interact with one another, and help them build meaningful online communities. On the platform, gamers can discover new games based on their interests, find relevant communities, go after prizes, and access specific gaming events and special promotions. CEO Lee is optimistic for gamers’ prospects, saying,

The future is bright for gaming (especially social games), and I’m excited to see what happens in 10 years. 
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