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The Seattle Founder Institute is one of our original program chapters, and graduated its first cohort of portfolio companies in 2009. Since that time nearly 10 years ago, the Founder Institute is proud to have helped launch dozens of promising new businesses into the Seattle startup ecosystem.

While all of our Seattle graduate companies are exceptional, there are a few that stand out in 2019. Check out the list below featuring the currently top-performing Founder Institute Seattle portfolio companies. And if you are building a technology-enabled company in Seattle towards achieving traction and funding, then apply to the Founder Institute today. At the time of this publishing, applications are currently open for enrollment.

Founder: Tom Arnold

Pet Hub is Modern Pet Identification. Pet ID tags and website target municipalities with 100k+ animals to increase pet license sales, decrease shelter intake, and capture new donations for no additional cost.

Founder: Roy Leban 

Puzzazz is the best and most fun way to solve puzzles is the digital world. Free to download in the Apple store for iPhone and iPad.

Founders: Eric Huang

SkyGlue is a Google Analytics add-on service for tracking people and tracking actions on the web, without writing any code. A top-rated app on Google Analytics Partner Gallery: making Google Analytics more customer centric.

Founders: Pradeep Chauhan

OnContracting is an online directory and platform that helps jobseekers find contract jobs at Fortune 1000 companies by sharing inside information and connecting them to the best staffing agencies.

Founder: Ravi Gadde

DocHelp is a web and mobile platform to find cost-effective treatment options and better doctors through community recommendations, with next-hour appointments and focus on alternative healthcare options.

Founders: Swatee Surve 

Combining proven medical treatments with the joy of games, Litesprite builds experiences that help people improve their health. The first video game to win a U.S. Surgeon General Award, Litesprite’s platform is designed to strengthen the patient-provider relationships.

If you are building a technology-enabled business in Seattle, then apply to the Founder Institute today!


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Graduates of the Founder Institute are creating some of the world's fastest growing startups, having raised over $900M in funding, and building products people love across over 185 cities worldwide.

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