Founder Institute Reviews

Founders of some of the world’s fastest-growing startups have used our program to build their team, their product, and to grow their company. Below, you can read some candid reviews of the Founder Institute from those who have gone through the program. Their feedback, experiences, and reviews have helped to develop our program's ever-adapting structure. Also included are alumni profiles, which dive into alumni stories and their startup journeys. 

Insights from Alumni

"I’m a huge advocate of learning all that you can, but at the end of the day, the best form of learning is trying for yourself. The curriculum for FI was solid because it encouraged Founders to put themselves out there."

- Harold Hughes
Founder & CEO, Bandwagon FI Greenville Alum

"After 3.5 months of FI, I was almost overwhelmed by how many new contacts I had in my startup/tech/innovation network. It really accelerates the early stages of your company with a network that broad."

- Erica Pearson
Co-founder & CEO, Vacation Fund FI Toronto Alum

"FI helped me build my network when I moved to the U.S. from Turkey in 2008. I didn’t know anyone in Silicon Valley and started from scratch when I arrived. I met one of my co-founders, as well as one of our first angel investors, who was a mentor for the Founder Institute."

- Eren Bali
Co-founder, Udemy FI Silicon Valley Alum

"Climber Hotel is my third startup and I still needed a working plan that would prevent me from making the same mistakes from the past. FI is exactly that... it saved me months of unnecessary run-around."

- Mario Mouraz
Founder & CEO, Climber FI Lisbon Alum

"Founder Institute gave me the practical knowledge, skills, business sense, and the network I needed to grow Appota to where it is today. I strongly encourage other startups to join the Founder Institute."

- Do Tuan Anh
Founder & CEO, Appota FI Hanoi Alum

"Every week they teach you useful things... and, you have to practice pitching every single time. Four months later, I had pitched at least one hundred times, got tons of feedback, and actually tested things with my customers."

- Lucy Beard
Founder & CEO, Feetz FI San Diego Alum

"I got to see how a successful entrepreneur would run my project and in what order they would do things. The battle’s far from over, but I went from 0.1% knowledge about how to do things to 1.3%... that’s an awesome return on investment."

- Khalil Zahar
Founder & CEO, Hykso FI Montreal Alum

"FI is awesome for founders who are new to the startup scene since the program takes you through the entire process. The curriculum has allowed me to leave with a systematic and complete methodology of building a startup."

- Evan Wong
Founder & CEO, Checkbox FI Sydney Alum

"I pivoted my original idea, I worked very hard on my pitch and trained, trained, trained...

If you want to build a startup and don’t know how, the Founder Institute is the right place to be!"

- Amira Boutouchent
Founder & CEO, Bridgr FI Montreal Alum

Alumni Stories

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